Contact Information

Personnel are located on 2 different campuses:

For media inquiries, please contact Cindy Hunt or Natasha Metzler.

Carnegie Observatories - Pasadena

Observatories of the Carnegie Institution for Science
813 Santa Barbara Street
Pasadena, CA  91101

Main phone: (626) 577-1122
Main fax:  (626) 795-8136

All direct extensions (given below) can be reached from external phones by dialing (626) 304-0xxx, where xxx is the extension number.

  252    Leon Aslan    Senior Opto-Mechanical Engineer
  236    Eduardo Banados Torres    Carnegie-Princeton Fellow
  246    Andrew Benson    Staff Member
  296    Rebecca Bernstein    Staff Member/Scientist
  218    Christoph Birk    Data Acquisition Programmer
  224    Christopher Burns    Research Associate
  282    Jerson Castillo    Machinist
  289    Erica Clark    Strategic Initiatives Coordinator
  258    Paul Collison    IT/IS Manager
  292    Thomas Connor    Postdoctoral Research Associate
  217    Jeffrey Crane    Associate Director for Technological Affairs
  245    Alan Dressler    Staff Member Emeritus
  275    Maria Drout    Hubble Fellow
  242    Jorge Estrada    Instrumentation Engineer
  227    Beverly Fink    Executive Assistant
  295    K Decker French    Hubble Fellow
  240    Terese Hansen    Postdoctoral Research Associate
  268    Tyson Hare    Mechanical Engineer
  287    Earl Harris    Shipping and Receiving Specialist
  288    Tom Holoien    Carnegie Fellow
  259    Charlie Hull    Opto-Mechanical Engineer
  277    Cindy Hunt    Social Media Strategist
  234    Alex Ji    Hubble Fellow
  267    Patricio Jones    Electronics Engineer
  233    Sharon Kelly    Senior Buyer
  285    Daniel D. Kelson    Staff Associate
  220    Juna A. Kollmeier    Staff Member
  221    Nicholas Konidaris    Staff Member
  279    Vince Kowal    Shop Foreman
  241    Becky Lynn    Administrative Assistant
  248    Kristin Macklin    Business Manager-Controller
  247    Barry F. Madore    Senior Research Associate
  222    Patrick McCarthy    Staff Member
  203    Rosalie McGurk    Carnegie Fellow in Instrumentation
  249    Andrew McWilliam    Staff Member
  257    John Mulchaey    Director
  237    Andrew Newman    Staff Member
  214    Luis Ochoa    Accounts Payable Specialist
Augustus Oemler    Director Emeritus
  202    Greg Ortiz    Buildings and Grounds Assistant
  244    Stefano Pasetto    Postdoctoral Research Associate
  274    Shannon Patel    Research Associate
  297    Anthony Piro    Staff Member
  229    George W. Preston    Director Emeritus
  243    Solange Ramirez    SDSS-V Project Manager
  262    Michael Rauch    Staff Member
  238    Jeffrey Rich    Outreach Coordinator
  216    Scott Rubel    Facilities Manager
  232    Gwen Rudie    Staff Member
  254    Fran├žois Schweizer    Staff Member Emeritus
  273    Mark Seibert    Senior Research Analyst
  219    Stephen A. Shectman    Staff Member
  256    Josh Simon    Staff Member
  206    Sung-Ri Sok    Financial Accountant
  205    Robert Storts    Instrument Maker
  299    Irina Strelnik    Assistant Business Manager
  226    Allison Strom    Carnegie Fellow
  251    Johanna Teske    Hubble Fellow
  225    Ian Thompson    Staff Member
  223    Gillian Tong    Accounting Analyst
  278    Alan Uomoto    Observatory Technical Manager
Ray Weymann    Director Emeritus

Las Campanas Observatory (LCO)

Carnegie Institution of Washington
Colina El Pino
Casilla 601
La Serena, Chile

El Pino Office: 011 56 51 207300
El Pino Office fax:  011 56 51 207308

All direct extensions (given below) can be reached from external phones by dialing 011 56 51 2xxxxxx, where xxxxxx is the extension number. Numbers beginning with 203 are on the mountain, while 207 numbers are for the El Pino Office. Note: an extra '2' is required as of March 2016

Miriel Abarca    Magellan Maintenance Support
  203 628    Ricardo Alcayaga    Mechanic
Hernan Angel    Driver/Purchaser
Nicolas Angel    El Pino Auxiliary Services
Jorge Araya    Magellan Telescope Operator
  203 639    Hector Balbontin    Chef
  207 306    Ivan Barraza    El Pino Guard
  203 649    Yuri Beletsky    Magellan Instrument Support Scientist
  207 304    Roberto Bermudez    Administrative Assistant
Guillermo Blanc    Carnegie Observatories Staff Associate
  203 639    Andres Borquez    Chef
Konstantina Boutsia    Magellan Instrumentation Scientist
  203 661    Jorge Bravo    Magellan Instrument Specialist
Luis Calderon    Janitor
Juan Carrasco    Driver/Purchaser
  203 628    Pedro Carrizo    Plumber
  207 306    Jilberto Carvajal    El Pino Guard
Sergio Castellon    Night Assistant
  203 646    Emilio Cerda    Electronics Engineer
Rodrigo Condore    Electrician
Jose Cortes    Janitor
   203647/207315    Francesco Di Mille    LCO Technical Manager
  203 622    Oscar Duhalde    Mechanical Technician
  203 628    Juan Escobar Espoz    Mechanic
  203 662    Juan Navarro Espoz    Telescope Controls Programmer
Juan Flanega    Janitor
  203 665    Juan Gallardo    Mechanical Engineer
Alexis Gomez    Assistant Chef
  207 321    Jaime Gomez    Accounting Assistant
Consuelo Gonzalez    Telescope Operator/Night Assistant
Danilo Gonzalez    Magellan Maintenance Support
Luis Gonzalez    Janitor
Erwin Guerra    Carpenter/Auxiliary Services
  203 668    Gaston Gutierrez    Mechanical Technician
  203 650    Nelson Ibacache    Telescope Mechanic
  207 317    Leopoldo Infante    LCO Director
  207 301    Nelda Juica    Purchasing Officer
  203 628    Oscar Juica    Plumber
Angelica Leon    Magellan Telescope Operator
  203 608    Jose Lizardi    Administrative Assistant
Mauricio Martinez    Magellan Telescope Operator
Jonathan Medalla    Accountant
  203 650    Miguel Mendez    Telescope Mechanic
  203 663    Victor Merino    Magellan Instrument Specialist
Manuel Millar    Auxiliary Services and Driver
  318    Nidia Morrell    Astronomer
Cesar Muana    Night Assistant
  207 329    Eric Munoz    Accountant
  207 333    Silvia Munoz    LCO Business Manager
  203 657    Mauricio Navarrete    Magellan Instrument Specialist
Hernan Nunez    Magellan Telescope Operator
  203 626    Miguel Ocaranza    Administrative Assistant
Herman Olivares    Night Assistant
  203 628    Jorge Olivares    Mechanic
  203 617/207 314    David Osip    LCO Associate Director
  203 612    Povilas Palunas    Telescope Scientist
Alberto Pasten    Megellan Telescope Operator
  207 313    Mark M. Phillips    Director Emeritus
  203 648    Patricio Pinto    Electronics Engineer
Perla Pommer    Administrative Assistant
  203616/207319    Gabriel Prieto    Instrument & Operations Support Specialist
  203 650    Felix Quiroz    Telescope Mechanic
  203 619    Andres Rivera    Electronics Engineer
Hugo Rivera    Magellan Telescope Operator
  203 660    Marcelo Rodriguez    Mountain Superintendent
  207 319    Herman Rojas    Web Programmer
Jorge Rojas    Janitor
Mauricio Rojas    Janitor
  203 664    Felipe Sanchez    Telescope Controls Programmer
  203 628    Pedro Tirado    Carpenter
  203 628    Manuel Traslavina    Heavy Equipment Operator
  207 306    Reinaldo Vega    El Pino Guard
Edgar Veliz    Mechanic
  203 629    Sergio Veliz    Administrative Mountain Supervisor
  203 639    David Verdugo    Chef
  203 627    Carlos Weinberger    Mechanical Engineer
  203 639    Jose Zamora    Chef