Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

Carnegie Observatories currently has several postdoctoral fellowships in astronomy: the Carnegie Fellowship (primarily intended for observers and instrumentalists), the Alvin E. Nashman Fellowship (intended for theorists), the Carnegie-Princeton Fellowship (covering all areas of astrophysics) and the Origins Fellowship (a joint fellowship with Carnegie-DTM intended for individuals working in areas related to planetary systems). Not all of the fellowships are offerred every year. Fellows are allowed to pursue the research topics of their choice and have access to all of Carnegie's observing facilities in Chile.   Applicants have to be able to work legally in the US. Please direct all questions regarding these fellowships to Dr. Juna Kollmeier at

If you are interested in having Carnegie host your Hubble, Einstein, Jansky, Sagan or NSF fellowship, please contact Dr. Kollmeier. 


The deadline for applications is November 15, 2014.   Click here to apply.