Location, Location, Location! Environmental Influence on galaxies and structure from Large to small(er) scales

Dr. Stephanie Tonnesen (Carnegie)
May 16, 2017 - 4:00pm


To what extent does the environment affect galaxies?  While many studies of environmentally-driven galaxy evolution focus on satellite galaxies, often those in massive clusters, observations find that star formation is correlated with environment down to low densities and out to large clustercentric distances.  I will present recent results comparing two large-scale environments, an overdensity and an underdensity on ~25 Mpc scale, simulated using Enzo, a hydrodynamical adaptive mesh refinement code.  Not only do the star formation histories of central galaxies vary in the different regions, but we also find that filaments have different properties in the overdensity and underdensity.  I will then zoom-in to cluster scales and discuss a project in progress comparing simulated idealized galaxies to MUSE observations of stripped galaxies.