2018 Carnegie Summer Undergraduate Student Research Symposium

Friday, August 24th, 2018

Click on the links below to see video of the final talks from our summer students.

Chelsea Adelman (Cal Poly Pomona)
The History of the Milky Way viewed through the Lens of High Redshift Galaxies 
Advisor: Allison Strom 

Brian Lorenz (Pomona)
Star Formation Rates of 1000 Intermediate Mass  0.3<z<0.4 Galaxies in the COSMOS Field  
Advisor: Dan Kelson

Regina Lee (Caltech)
Mounts and Alignments of Optics for an Image Slicer IFU 
Advisor: Rosalie McGurk

Linnea Dahmen (Pomona)
Search for an AGN in the context of ASASSN-14li  
Advisor: Decker French

Erin Flowers (Princeton Graduate Student)
Getting to Know Your Star: A comparison of analytic techniques for deriving stellar parameters and abundances
Advisor: Johanna Teske

Kutay Nazli (Pomona)
Redesigning the Guider Optics for Magellan 
Advisor: Steve Shectman

Tiger Lu (Caltech)
Investigating the Slow Neutron-Capture Process with Metal-Poor Stars
Advisor: Terese Hansen and Alex Ji

Sunny Rhoades (Pomona)
Visualization of IGM Tomography 
Advisor: Drew Newman and Gwen Rudie

Stephanie Striegel (San José State)
Simplifying the Stellar Symphony to Find Small Exoplanets
Advisor: Johanna Teske

Sergio Escobar (Caltech)
Galactic Archaeology: Metal-Poor R-Process Enhanced Stars and Their Origins
Advisor: Alex Ji

Sal Fu (Pomona) 
The Tidal Evolution of Crater II
Advisor: Josh Simon