Las Campanas Observations: Summer Solstice 2016

By: David Osip, LCO Associate Director

A wonderful spring changing to summer. Our desire for clear skies sent out with the last newsletter was rewarded with a spring season that suffered weather losses totalling only 7 nights out of the past 91. Days have also been clear and beautiful as shown below. 

As spring turns to summer in the southern hemisphere, we have our shortest nights of the year approaching. Fortunately, visiting astronomers can now seek cover from the sun during the extended daytime hours at our newly expanded and renovated commissary and terrace. In the image below, the expanded dining facilities are in the largest building at the center and astronomer accommodations have been recently renovated in the three dormitory buildings to the left. Dining alfresco from breakfast thru dinner is a new popular feature that we expect to offer through the summer and into the autumn.

New extended dining room. Photo by Sergio Dieterich.

Aerial view of the Horace Babcock lodge and residences.

Breakfast Alfresco at Babcock dining hall at LCO

Breakfast alfresco at the LCO dining hall. Photo by Rachael Beaton.