Las Campanas Observations: Vernal Equinox 2017

By: David Osip, LCO Associate Director


Desierto Florido... 

Photo of Magellan telescopes on mountain with blooming flowers in the foreground

Following record rains and winter snowstorms in June, July, August, and September, the observatory is verdant and the desert is in bloom at the start of spring. 

Photo of group of guanacos in field at Las Campanas ObservatoryScreen capture of an owl standing on our all-sky camera








The flowering desert has also lead to abundant wildlife sharing our mountain as witnessed by the MagAO team on their observing campaign earlier this month. Indeed, even nocturnal wildlife have been evident with one particular Magellanic Horned Owl taking up a perch on our all sky camera. 


Spectacular Spring skies await observations from the Baade Telescope in the lower right panel. The Large Magellanic Cloud transits at midnight above the LCO lodge facilities earlier this week in the lower left panel. [Both images courtesy of Yuri Beletsky

Large Magellanic cloud over Las Campanas ObservatoryStars reflected in the mirror of the Magellan telescope