Lunch talk

This is a talk given at lunch time, usually in the conference room at noon.

Test of significant size evolution of massive quiescent galaxies in MODS, without measuring the effective radius

Friday, January 18, 2013 - 9:15am
Mohammad Akhlaghi (Tohoku University Astronomical Insitute)

Significant size evolution (SSE) in quiescent galaxies has hitherto been studied through direct measurement of the effective radius (re) of galaxies across cosmic history.

*** WEDNESDAY *** HST/WFC3 Confirmation of the Inside-Out Growth of Massive Galaxies at 0<z<2 and Identification of their Star Forming Progenitors at z~3

Wednesday, December 19, 2012 - 9:15am
Shannon Patel (Leiden)

I will present new results on the structural assembly of massive elliptical galaxies.  Employing a number density selection to link progenitors and descendants to z~3, I will address how these galaxies assembled their mass, what their prog


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