Friday, August 25th, 2017 
Click on the links below to see video of the final talks from our summer students.
Sandy Moak (Post Bac, PCC)
Upgrading the Guider System on Magellan
Advisor: Steve Shectman
Effects of Supernova Explosions on Ultra-Faint Dwarf Galaxies
Advisor: Andrew Benson
Kate Hartman (Pomona)
Metallicity Effects in Cepheid Distance Measurements
Advisor: Rachael Beaton
The Origin of the 300 km/s Stream Near Segue 1
Advisor: Josh Simon
Aracely Cobos (CSU East Bay)
Mapping the Filaments of NGC 1275
Advisor: Jeff Rich
Ionized and Molecular Gas in IC 860: Evidence for an Outflow
Advisor: Katey Alatalo
The Significance of Environmental Density in Shocked Post-Starburst Galaxy Evolution
Advisor: Katey Alatalo
Classifying the Optical Morphology of Shocked Post-Starburst Galaxies
Advisor: Katey Alatalo
Improvement on Exoplanet Detection Methods and Analysis via Gaussian Process Fitting Techniques
Advisor: Johanna Teske
Spectroscopic Redshifts to 1300 Low-Mass Galaxies with 0.3>z>0.4 in the COSMOS Field
Advisor: Dan Kelson