Madore -- Suggested Research Topics

  1. Star formation histories, metallicity and reddening maps across the face of nearby spiral galaxies as observed by Typhoon, which is a new means of generating spectrophotometric data cubes for galaxies of extremely large (~15 arcmin) angular size.
  2. Distances to nearby galaxies using a combination of optical, near-infrared and mid-infrared observations made using HST, the LCO telescopes and Spitzer, respectively. We are using RR Lyrae variables, Cepheids, Tip of the Red Giant Branch (TRGB) methods and Type Ia supernovae to build an entire new and totally independent distance ladder leading to a fresh re-determination of the Hubble constant and the age of the Universe.
  3. Using collisional ring galaxies as probes of Cold Dark Matter (CDM) halos that are completely devoid of any baryonic (stellar or gaseous) matter.
  4. Understanding the Schmidt Law of star formation by probing the timescales relevant to star formation on galactic scales. This will use modern HI maps of Local Group galaxies in comparison with complete catalogs of high-mass OB stars derived from space-based GALEX (NUV and FUV) observations, supplemented by higher spatial resolutions made from the ground and with HST.
  5. Investigating the concepts of "entity realism" and "natural experiments", specifically in the context for modern astrophysical observations, objects and processes.