Massive star and cluster formation in the era of ALMA and SOFIA: comparing infrared dark cloud with Orion A

Shuo Kong (Yale)
Friday, October 5, 2018 - 12:15pm
Star formation is crucial to the cosmos in many ways. Among the key questions in star formation, the birth of massive star/cluster and the stellar initial mass function are the two outstanding issues to be conquered. I will introduce how we tackle the two questions in Galactic molecular clouds and discuss how we can disentangle the theoretical debates. This is important in understanding whether star formation is ordered or chaotic, slow or fast. The study is possible thanks to the recent revolution in radio interferometry and SOFIA. I will briefly introduce how we combine total-power data with interferometric data to produce high spatial dynamic range images. I will also discuss how SOFIA and JWST can play a pivotal role in confirming our recent discovery of the relation between outflows and filaments.
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