The University of Arizona TIMESTEP Retention Program for Undergraduates in STEM

Prof. Gurtina Besla (University of Arizona)
Monday, April 9, 2018 - 9:30am
The Tucson Initiative for Minority Engagement in Science and TEchnology Program (TIMESTEP) is a bi-weekly discussion group about topics of professional development for undergraduates in STEM fields at the University of Arizona, such as :  
  • The Academic Path: how to successfully navigate an undergraduate degree in STEM, how to apply for graduate school, how to get a research position, how to navigate a gap year and bridge programs.   
  • Careers Outside of Academia: TIMESTEP Summer Internship Program for Juniors, Networking with contacts in industry
  • Survival in Academia: Workshops about: the imposter syndrome, cultural humility, unconscious bias and stereotype threat; topics about mental health, diversity and race in academia.  
  • Hands-On Workshops: Computational practices (e.g. GitHub, Unix, Version control) & Writing Workshops: Scholarship Applications, Graduate School/REU Research Statement, Industry Resumes.
  • Discussions with Under Represented Minority (URM) leaders in STEM fields/Industry:  We also invite URM speakers from across the country, who are established in their fields, to discuss their academic path and lead workshops, providing URM students with relatable role models.
  • Outreach & Leadership Opportunities for Undergraduates:  MESCIT Math Tutoring Program, TIMESTEP Leaders Program (discussion leaders for meetings with more junior students) 
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