Guillermo Blanc obtained his Ph.D. in Astronomy at the University of Texas at Austin in 2011, and previously obtained Bachelor and M.Sc degrees in Astronomy at Universidad de Chile in Santiago. He also holds an Adjunct Professor position at the Department of Astronomy of Universidad de Chile. 

His research focuses on studying the processes by which galaxies form and evolve throughout the history of the Universe. He does this by studying galaxies in the local “present day” universe as well as at high redshift, where we can observe the early epochs of galaxy evolution. He is involved in a series of research projects on the properties of young galaxies at high redshift, the large scale structure of the Universe, the nature of Dark Energy, the process of star formation in the interstellar medium, and the measurement of chemical abundances in galaxies. He also works actively on the design, development, and operations of infrastructure for observational astronomy. 

Blanc also works actively in the protection of the night sky and the control of light pollution. He has organized and given several conferences and outreach talks on the subject. He has led and participated in working groups focused on light pollution at the Chilean Astronomical Society (SOCHIAS), the Chilean Ministry of Environment (MMA), and has supported the work of the Office for the Protection of the Night Sky of Northern Chile (OPCC). Since 2019 he is the President of the Skies of Chile Foundation.

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