Gas giant composition not determined by host star

Pasadena, CA— A surprising analysis of the composition  of gas giant exoplanets and their host stars shows that there isn’t a strong correlation between their compositions when it comes to elements heavier than hydrogen and helium, according to new work l

Runaway star was ejected from the “heart of darkness”

Pasadena, CA—A star traveling at ultrafast speeds after being ejected by the supermassive black hole at the heart of our galaxy was spotted by an international team of astronomers including Carnegie’s Ting Li and Alex Ji.

Observatories receives major grant for A Visualization Laboratory: The “Viz Lab”

The Observatories received a major grant from The Ahmanson Foundation to create a next-generation experimental workspace for visualizing data -- a “Viz Lab” -- on campus, which will drive astronomical and astrophysical discoveries. “Thanks to the next generation of astronomical surveys and to...