Astronomers find 'gold standard' star in Milky Way

Pasadena, CA— A team of astronomers led by University of Michigan’s Ian Roederer and including Carnegie’s Erika Holmbeck have identified the widest range of elements yet observed in a star beyond our own Sun.

Postdoc Spotlight: Fakhri Zahedy

What questions are you pursuing in your career? Galaxies are the primary building blocks of our universe and I’m interested in understanding how they grow over time. The main function of a galaxy is to form stars, which requires a lot of cold gas. A galaxy can either gather gas from its...

Letter from the Director: March 2022

The Sun over Chile's Atacama Desert sets Las Campanas Observatory aglow. Photograph by Yuri Beletsky, courtesy of Carnegie Institution for Science
Dear Friends, I hope this letter finds you safe and well. It has now been two full years since we were first forced to close our campus due to COVID-19. While the pandemic has brought many challenges, we have continued our mission of understanding the universe. Our astronomers have learned to share...