Postdoc Spotlight: Tom Holoien

We talked to Tom Holoien, a Carnegie Fellow since 2017, about finding dying stars and his unusual path to becoming an astronomer.

Letter from the Director: September 2018

Viscacha at sunset
Dear Friends, September is always an exciting time at The Observatories. This is the month each year when most of our new postdocs begin their positions at Carnegie. For those of you not familiar with the term, postdocs are young scientists who have completed their doctoral studies and are further...

Astronomers Win Carnegie Venture Grants

Magellan telescope at night. Picture by Yuri Beletsky
Five astronomers have won three Carnegie Science Venture Grants in the past year. Carnegie Science Venture Grants bring together researchers from different backgrounds to tackle new questions that cross traditional disciplinary boundaries. Andrew McWilliam and Johanna Teske are collaborating on a...