Two years are given when a fellow took a second fellowship at Carnegie. This list is somewhat incomplete (especially prior to 1986). If you find any errors on this list or have additions, please contact Andrew Benson. Thanks!

Year Name Type Present Position
1962 Charles O'Dell Carnegie Fellow Vanderbilt University (faculty)
1970 Francois Schweizer Carnegie Fellow Carnegie(staff)
1974 Robert Zinn Carnegie Fellow Yale (faculty)
1976 Larry Petro Carnegie Fellow Unknown
1976 Alan Dressler Carnegie Fellow Carnegie(staff)
1977 James Rose Carnegie Fellow UNC (retired)
1977 Gary Da Costa Carnegie Fellow RSAA, ANU (Emeritus)
1977 Thomas Geballe Carnegie Fellow Gemini Observatory (staff)
1978 Jeremy Mould Carnegie Fellow Swinburne University (faculty)
1978 Rob Kennicutt Carnegie Fellow Institute of Astronomy (faculty)
1979 Debra Meloy Elmegreen Carnegie Fellow Vassar College(faculty)
1979 Howard French Carnegie Fellow 3M (research scientist)
1979 Horace Smith Carnegie Fellow Michigan State(faculty)
1980 Peter Stetson Carnegie Fellow Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics(staff)
1980 Douglas Duncan Carnegie Fellow U. Colorado(staff)
1981 David Monet Carnegie Fellow USNO Flagstaff(staff)
1981 Peter McGregor Carnegie Fellow ANU (faculty-deceased)
1981 Nick Suntzeff Carnegie Fellow Texas A&M(faculty)
1981 Ian Thompson Carnegie Fellow Carnegie(staff)
1982 Geoff Marcy Carnegie Fellow UC Berkeley(faculty)
1983 Thomas Steiman-Cameron Carnegie Fellow Indiana U. (faculty)
1984 Rogier Windhorst Carnegie Fellow Arizona State (faculty)
1984 Wendy Freedman Carnegie Fellow U Chicago(faculty)
1984 Michael Gregg Carnegie Fellow Livermore(staff)
1986 Kern Cook Carnegie Fellow NOAO(staff)
1986 Simon Morris Carnegie Fellow U. Durham(faculty)
1987 Mario Mateo Carnegie Fellow U. Michigan(faculty)
1988/1991 Pat McCarthy Carnegie/Hubble Fellow Carnegie(staff)
1988 Heather Morrison Carnegie Fellow Case Western(faculty)
1989 Steve Majewski Carnegie Fellow U. Virginia(faculty)
1989 Gregg Aldering Carnegie Fellow U. Minnesota(faculty)
1990 Mario Mateo Hubble U. Michigan(faculty)
1990 Megan Donahue Carnegie Fellow Michigan St.(faculty)
1991 Dennis Zaritsky Hubble U. Arizona(faculty)
1991 Richard Elston Carnegie Fellow U. Florida (faculty-deceased)
1991 Jeff Willick Carnegie Fellow Stanford(faculty-deceased)
1992 Steve Majewski Hubble U. Virginia(faculty)
1993 Ann Zabludoff Carnegie Fellow U. Arizona(faculty)
1994 Ian Smail Carnegie Fellow U. Durham(faculty)
1994 John Mulchaey Carnegie Fellow Carnegie(Director)
1994 Julianne Dalcanton Hubble U. Washington(faculty)
1995 Lori Lubin Carnegie Fellow UC Davis(faculty)
1995 Mauro Giavalisco Hubble U. Massachusetts, Amherst (faculty)
1996/1999 Scott Trager Carnegie/Hubble Fellow Groningen(faculty)
1997 Ben Weiner Carnegie Fellow U. Arizona(staff)
1997 Rebecca Bernstein Hubble Carnegie(staff) & GMTO
1997 Ron Marzke Hubble SF State(faculty)
1998/2001 Jason Prochaska Carnegie/Hubble Fellow UC Santa Cruz(faculty)
1999 Jennifer Johnson Carnegie Fellow Ohio State(faculty)
2000 Paul Martini Carnegie Fellow Ohio State(faculty)
2001 Mario Hamuy Hubble U. Chile(faculty)
2001/2005 Mike Gladders Carnegie/Hubble Fellow U. Chicago(faculty)
2002 Jeremy Darling Carnegie Fellow U. Colorado(faculty)
2003 Kurt Adelberger Carnegie Fellow Industry
2003 Marla Geha Hubble Yale(faculty)  
2004 Edo Berger Carnegie-Princeton/Hubble Harvard(faculty)
2004/2007 Ivo Labbe Carnegie/Hubble Fellow Leiden (faculty)
2005 Inese Ivans Carnegie-Princeton U. Utah(faculty)
2006 Jenny Greene Carnegie-Princeton/Hubble Princeton(faculty)
2006 Juna Kollmeier Carnegie-Princeton/Hubble Carnegie(staff)
2006/2009 Jane Rigby Spitzer/Carnegie Fellow NASA/GSFC(staff)
2006 Jennifer Marshall Carnegie(instrumentation) Texas A&M
2007 Masami Ouchi Carnegie Fellow U. Tokyo(faculty)
2007 Alicia Soderberg Carnegie-Princeton/Hubble Harvard(faculty)
2007/2009 Janice Lee Hubble/Carnegie Fellow STScI (staff)
2007 Jesper Rasmussen Chandra DARK
2008 Karin Menendez-Delmestre NSF U. Rio de Janeiro(faculty)
2008 Josh Simon Carnegie(Vera Rubin) Carnegie(staff)
2008 Richard Cool Carnegie-Princeton/Hubble Netflix(data scientist)
2008 Jeff Crane Carnegie(instrumentation) Carnegie(staff)
2009 Jose Luis Prieto Carnegie-Princeton/Hubble Universidad Diego Portales(faculty)
2009 TJ Cox Carnegie Fellow (theory) Industry
2010 Ian Roederer Carnegie Fellow U. Michigan
2010 Ryan Quadri Hubble Texas A&M
2010 Ivan Ramirez Sagan Tacoma Community College(faculty)
2011 Mansi Kasliwal Carnegie-Princeton/Hubble Caltech(faculty)
2011 Guillermo Blanc Carnegie Fellow Carnegie(staff)
2011 Min-Jin Kim KASI-Carnegie KASI(staff)
2012 Michele Fumagalli Carnegie-Princeton/Hubble Durham University(faculty)
2012 Yue Shen Hubble University of Illinois(faculty)
2013 Drew Newman Carnegie-Princeton Carnegie(staff)
2013 Gwen Rudie Carnegie-Princeton Carnegie(staff)
2013 Selma de Mink Einstein University of Amsterdam(faculty)
2013 Andrew Wetzel Caltech-Carnegie UC Davis(faculty)
2013 Janet Colucci NSF Data Scientist
2014 Jennifer van Saders Carnegie-Princeton University of Hawaii(faculty)
2014 Ben Shappee Carnegie-Princeton/Hubble University of Hawaii(faculty)
2014 Johanna Teske Origins Carnegie EPL(staff)
2014 Stephanie Tonnesen Nashman CCA/Flatiron Institute(associate research scientist)
2015 Kevin Schlaufman Carnegie-Princeton Johns Hopkins University(faculty)
2015 Eduardo Bañados Carnegie-Princeton MPA(staff)
2015 Katherine Alatalo Hubble STScI(staff astronomer)
2016 Maria Drout Carnegie-Princeton/Hubble University of Toronto(faculty)
2016 Sean Johnson Carnegie-Princeton/Hubble University of Michigan(faculty)
2017 Alex Ji Hubble/Carnegie University of Chicago (faculty)
2017 Allison Strom Carnegie-Princeton Northwestern (faculty)
2017 Thomas Holoien Carnegie/Einstein Carnegie
2017 Rosalie McGurk Carnegie Fellow (instrumentation) WMKO (staff astronomer)
2017 Decker French Hubble University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign(faculty)
2017 Yuan-Sen Ting Carnegie-Princeton-IAS/Hubble Australian National University(faculty)
2017 Johanna Teske Hubble Carnegie EPL(staff)
2017 Rachael Beaton Carnegie-Princeton/Hubble STScI (staff astronomer)
2018 Louis Abramson Carnegie-Princeton Politician
2018 Philip Cowperthwaite Hubble Data scientist
2018 Alicia Lanz Carnegie Fellow Capelle Space (systems engineer)
2019 Lauren Anderson Carnegie Fellow Data scientist
2019 Andrew Emerick Carnegie/Caltech Data scientist
2019 Ylva Götberg Nashman/Hubble Carnegie
2019 Fakhri Zahedy Carnegie Fellow Carnegie
2019 Coral Wheeler Hubble Cal Poly Pomona(faculty)
2019 Fangzhou Jiang Carnegie/Caltech Peking University/KIAA
2019 Ting Li Carnegie-Princeton/Hubble University of Toronto (faculty)
2019 Pavan Bigli Postdoctoral Fellow Carnegie
2020 Shany Danieli Carnegie-Princeton/Hubble Princeton
2020 Ivanna Escala Carnegie-Princeton Princeton
2020 Lina Necib Carnegie Fellow MIT (faculty)
2020 Abigail Polin Carnegie/Caltech Carnegie/Caltech
2020 Peter Senchyna Carnegie Fellow Carnegie
2020 Kyle Kremer NSF Carnegie/Caltech
2021 Shengqi Yang CTAC Fellow Carnegie
2021 Peter Senchyna Carnegie Fellow Carnegie
2021 Henrique Reggiani Carnegie Fellow Carnegie
2021 Matthias Raives CTAC Fellow Carnegie
2021 Ethan Nadler CTAC-USC Fellow Carnegie
2021 Allison Matthews Carnegie Fellow Carnegie
2021 Erika Holmbeck Hubble Fellow Carnegie
2022 Maren Cosens Brinson Instrumentation Fellow Carnegie
2022 Trevor Dorn-Wallenstein Carnegie Fellow Carnegie
2022 Nicole Sanchez NSF-MPS Ascend Fellow Carnegie
2022 Dalya Baron Carnegie-Princeton Fellow Carnegie
2022 Jhon Yana Galarza Carnegie fellow Carnegie
2022 Mike Grudic Hubble fellow Carnegie
2022 Brenna Mockler CTAC Fellow Carnegie
2022 David Vartanyan Hubble Fellow Carnegie
2022 Nima Chartab Postdoctoral fellow Carnegie
2022 Meng Gu Postdoctoral fellow Carnegie
2023 Sten Delos CTAC Fellow Carnegie
2023 Stacy Kim Nashman Fellow Carnegie
2023 Sachi Weerasooriya Postdoctoral Fellow Carnegie
2023 Nondh Panithanpaisal Carnegie/Caltech Fellow Carnegie/Caltech
2023 Casey Lam Carnegie Fellow Carnegie
2023 Stella Ocker Carnegie-Caltech Brinson Fellow Carnegie/Caltech
2023 Tony Pahl Carnegie Fellow Carnegie
2023 Grace Telford Carnegie-Princeton Fellow Carnegie/Princeton