Scientific Staff and Research Interests

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John Mulchaey, Director

Ph.D., 1994, University of Maryland

Galaxy groups, X-ray astronomy
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Andrew Benson, Staff Member

MPhys (physics and astrophysics), 1997, University of Leicester; PhD, 2000, University of Durham

The formation of cosmic structure, from dark matter to galaxies and AGN.
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Rebecca Bernstein, Staff Member/Scientist

B.S. Physics, Princeton (1992);  PhD Astrophysics, Caltech (1998)

stellar abundances, galaxy formation & evolution, structure formation, instrumentation, optical design
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Guillermo Blanc, Carnegie Observatories Staff Associate

B.S. Astronomy, Universidad de Chile (2004), Ph.D Astronomy, The University of Texas at Austin (2011)

Galaxy Formation and Evolution. ISM Physics and Star Formation. Chemical Abundances.
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Jeffrey Crane, Associate Director for Technological Affairs

B.S. Physics, 1997, Arizona State University; M.A. Astronomy, 1999, Ph.D. Astronomy, 2004, University of Virginia

Instrumentation, Milky Way and Local Group, Extrasolar Planets
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Alan Dressler, Staff Member Emeritus

B.A. (physics), 1970, University of California, Berkeley; Ph.D. (astronomy), 1976, University of California, Santa Cruz

Galaxy evolution, IMACS spectrograph
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Daniel D. Kelson, Staff Associate

B.S. (astronomy and physics), 1991, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; Ph.D (astronomy), 1998, University of California, Santa Cruz

How galaxies formed, grew, and evolved
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Juna A. Kollmeier, Staff Member

B.S. (physics), 2000, California Institute of Technology; Ph.D (astronomy), 2006, The Ohio State University

Theoretical astrophysics concerning the growth of cosmic structure on all scales
Nicholas Konidaris, Staff Member
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Barry F. Madore, Senior Research Associate

B.S. (astronomy and physics) 1969, University of Southern California; M.Sc. (astronomy), 1971, Ph.D. (astronomy), 1974, University of Toronto

The complexities of deciphering galaxy evolution
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Patrick McCarthy, Staff Member

B.S. physics and astronomy 1983, University of Arizona; Ph.D. astronomy, 1988, University of California, Berkeley

Probing the era of galaxy formation
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Andrew McWilliam, Staff Member

B.Sc., 1981, London University; M.A., 1984, Ph.D., 1988, University of Texas - Austin

Chemical evolution and nucleosynthesis
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Andrew Newman, Staff Member
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Augustus Oemler, Director Emeritus

A.B., 1969, Princeton University; M.S. and Ph.D., 1974, California Institute of Technology

Data reduction, evolution of galaxies in clusters
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Mark M. Phillips, Director Emeritus

A.B., 1974 San Diego State University; Ph.D. (Astronomy), 1977, University of California, Santa Cruz

Supernovae, expansion of the universe
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Anthony Piro, Staff Member

High energy theoretical astrophysics with a focus on supernovae, GWs and EM counterparts, accretion disks, tides, and compact objects
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George W. Preston, Director Emeritus

B.S. (physics), 1952, Yale University; Ph.D. (astronomy), 1959, University of California, Berkeley

Understanding stellar evolution
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Michael Rauch, Staff Member

Diploma (physics), 1988, Gutenberg University, Mainz; Ph.D. (astronomy), 1992, Cambridge University

Unraveling the cosmic web
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Gwen Rudie, Staff Member
High-redshift galaxies, the circumgalactic medium
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Fran├žois Schweizer, Staff Member Emeritus

Lizentiat (astronomy), 1968, University of Bern; M.A., 1970, Ph.D. (astronomy), 1975, University of California, Berkeley

How galaxies assemble and evolve
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Stephen A. Shectman, Staff Member

B.S. (physics), 1969, Yale University; Ph.D. (astronomy), 1973, California Institute of Technology

Galaxies, low-metal stars, and astronomical tools
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Josh Simon, Staff Member

B.S. (physics), 1998, Stanford University; M.A. (astrophysics), 2000, Ph.D. (astrophysics), 2005, University of California, Berkeley

Dark Matter, chemical evolution, supernovae, and nearby galaxies
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Ian Thompson, Staff Member

B.Sc. (physics and astronomy), 1971, M.Sc. (physics and astronomy), 1974, University of British Columbia; Ph.D. (physics and astronomy), 1980, University of Western Ontario

Globular clusters, instrumentation
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Ray Weymann, Director Emeritus
Interests: Intergalactic medium; mass ejection from quasars; STEM education.
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Christopher Burns, Research Associate

BSc. Physics, Bishop's University (1994);  MSc. Physics, (1995), PhD Astronomy & Astrophysics, University of Toronto (2002)

Cosmology, Distance scale, Supernovae, Numerical analysis, Bayesian Statistics
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Shannon Patel, Research Associate
galaxy evolution, groups and clusters, large-scale structure
Solange Ramirez, SDSS-V Project Manager
Stefanie Wachter, SDSS-V Lead Systems Engineer
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Eduardo Banados Torres, Carnegie-Princeton Fellow
Observational cosmology, multiwavelength view of high-z quasars/galaxies, epoch of reionization, big data
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Thomas Connor, Postdoctoral Research Associate
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Maria Drout, Hubble Fellow
Supernova, Peculiar Transients, Massive Star Evolution
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K Decker French, Hubble Fellow
Galaxy Evolution, Tidal Disruption Events
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Terese Hansen, Postdoctoral Research Associate
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Tom Holoien, Carnegie Fellow
Alex Ji, Hubble Fellow
Near-field cosmology, nucleosynthesis, galaxy formation, stellar abundances
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Sean Johnson, Carnegie-Princeton Fellow
galaxies; AGN; quasars; intergalactic medium; circum-galactic medium
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Rosalie McGurk, Carnegie Fellow in Instrumentation
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Stefano Pasetto, Postdoctoral Research Associate
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Allison Strom, Carnegie Fellow
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Johanna Teske, Hubble Fellow
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Cindy Hunt, Social Media Strategist
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Jeffrey Rich, Outreach Coordinator
Galaxy Evolution, Interstellar Medium, Stellar Populations
Yuri Beletsky, Magellan Instrument Support Scientist
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Konstantina Boutsia, Magellan Instrumentation Scientist

Ph.D. in Astronomy, University of Rome "La Sapienza" (2008) 

High redshift galaxies, galaxy evolution, AGNs
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Francesco Di Mille, LCO Technical Manager

Ph.D Astronomy, 2007, University of Padova

AGN, Novae, Symbiotic Stars, Instrumentation
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Nidia Morrell, Astronomer

Ph.D. in Astronomy, Universidad de La Plata, Argentina (1984)

Massive stars, stellar evolution, supernovae.
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David Osip, LCO Associate Director

B.S. (Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences), 1989, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Ph.D (Astronomy), 1995, University of Florida

Transiting Exoplanets, Trans-Neptunian Objects, Near Earth Objects, Comets, Instrumentation
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Povilas Palunas, Telescope Scientist

Ph.D. (physics and astronomy), 1996, Rutgers University

Telescopes, Galaxies