Characterizing the Circumgalactic Medium of the Lowest-Mass Galaxies

Dr. Yong Zheng (UC Berkeley)
Tuesday, November 10, 2020 - 11:00am

Recent years have seen emerging theoretical efforts to understand how dwarf galaxies evolve with their circumgalactic medium (CGM), where stellar feedback is expected to be more efficient because of the galaxies’ weak gravitational potential. However, the CGM of dwarf galaxies beyond z~0 is largely inaccessible, because the faintness and small halo sizes of these galaxies make it difficult to find close QSO sightlines for absorption line studies. In this talk, I will describe my resent work (arXiv:2010.15645) on the CGM metal budget and feedback efficiency in some of the lowest mass galaxies in the Universe. I will evaluate the performance of recent simulations of dwarf galaxies and highlight that, with a rich HST archive, it is now possible to directly compare the observed and predicted properties of the CGM of dwarf galaxies.

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