SmallSats for Exoplanet Science

Dr. David Ardila (JPL) [POSTPONED]
Tuesday, March 31, 2020 - 11:00am

The small satellite industry is experiencing a boom, with over 7,000 satellites predicted to be launched by 2027. Small satellites (SmallSats) have performed missions in planetary science, heliophysics, and Earth science. Within astrophysics, the use SmallSats remains limited and I explore the reasons behind the lack of astrophysics SmallSats. I discuss SPARCS, the Star-Planet Activity Research CubeSats, a SmallSat that will study variability in M-dwarfs in order to understand planet habitability. I address opportunities available for using SmallSats for Exoplanet Science, as well as technology gaps that need to be closed in order to fully exploit the new opportunities.

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