Power, Privilege and Leadership in Academia

Prof. Kathryn Johnston (Columbia)
Wednesday, April 10, 2019 - 12:15pm

This talk consists of a set of slides to share what I have learned about barriers to the full participation of women and other under-represented minorities in science - both through my career as an academic (from graduate student to department chair) and from perusing the social and psychological science literature.  Research institutions aspire to be meritocracies of the mind where humans can congregate to push the boundaries of our knowledge. Despite these intentions, many of the accompanying human interactions and reactions can counter these ideals, to create challenging work environments that stymie creativity and innovation. The talk focuses in particular on how these interactions at the individual level can combine and reinforce each other in destructive patterns of behavior. I will also outline how deliberate actions may break these destructive cycles and discuss the importance of individual responsibility in taking on these actions. Participation by all, from junior to senior members, is welcome.

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