Small-Scale implications of alternative dark matter models

Victor Robles (UCI)
Friday, November 16, 2018 - 12:15pm

Over the past four decades, cosmologists have assumed that dark matter 
is made of cold (non-relativistic) and non-interacting hypothetical 
particles with typical mass m~100GeV leading to the cold dark matter 
(CDM) paradigm. Although this hypothesis describe the large-scale 
distribution of galaxies in the universe, there are long-standing 
discrepancies at small-scales that suggest we do not have the complete 
picture,e.g. cusp-core and too-big-to-fail problems. To have the 
complete picture, we need numerical simulations exploring the synergy 
between baryonic matter and new dark matter physics beyond CDM. I will 
discuss the implications of new cosmological simulations with 
self-interacting dark matter and quantum (fuzzy) dark matter on 
small-scale challenges, addressing how these simulations offer a new 
path to probe the fundamental nature of dark matter.

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