Chris Burns

Me, gazing avidly at the 2017 Solar Eclipse, using protective glasses of course.

Research Associate


I'm a research associate at the Carnegie Observatories and primarily work on the Carnegie Supernova Project. My research interests involve cosmology, the distance scale, inter-stellar dust, and applying numerical techniques to solve scientific problems.  I also spend part of my time providing support for the Observatories by helping staff with their computers, writing software, maintaining the Observatories website, and providing backup support for the computer system in general. I'm also quite active in public outreach, visiting schools, and volunteering as a telescope operator at Mount Wilson Observatory. Want to know even more about me? Visit my personal webpage.


BSc. Physics, Bishop's University (1994);  MSc. Physics, (1995), PhD Astronomy & Astrophysics, University of Toronto (2002)

Cosmology, Distance scale, Supernovae, Numerical analysis, Bayesian Statistics