Dave Osip

David Osip

LCO Associate Director


Dr. David Osip currently serves as the Associate Director of Las Campanas Observatory (LCO) operated by the Carnegie Institution for Science. 

David received his formal education at MIT (Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences) and the University of Florida (Astronomy).  He held research positions at Lowell Observatory, UF, and MIT prior to joining Carnegie Observatories in 2003 as the Magellan Instrumentation Scientist.  David was the co-PI of MagIC, the first facility instrument installed at Magellan, and has since 2003 overseen the successful commissioning and operations of a full complement of facility instruments (IMACS, MagE, MIKE, PANIC, LDSS3, FourStar, FIRE, MegaCam, MMIRS) as well as several Principal Investigator instruments (POETS, PFS, M2FS, PISCO) and MagAO. 

At LCO, David is also directly involved with site administration and operations support for the full suite of Carnegie and partner facilities (Swope, duPont, OGLE, HAT-South,  CHAT, APOGEE-2S) as well as commissioning and future facilities (HATPI, SDSS-V).

David's current research interests can be summarised as 'chasing shadows'. He is actively engaged in stellar occultation observations of small bodies in our solar system as well as the study of extrasolar planets via transit photometry and spectroscopy.  He also utilizes multi-wavelength ground and space based observations of asteroids, comets, centaurs and trans-Neptunian objects to provide physical characterisations with a prioritisation towards spacecraft mission targets.

David was born in Rota, Spain but primarily raised in the USA and Australia.  He has lived and worked in Chile for the past 18 years.


B.S. (Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences), 1989, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Ph.D (Astronomy), 1995, University of Florida