I will present the latest results and developments from the THESAN Project, a strategic initiative advancing our understanding of high-redshift galaxy formation and the Epoch of Reionization. THESAN consists of a suite of cosmological radiation-hydrodynamic simulations designed to simultaneously capture the large-scale statistical properties of the intergalactic medium (IGM) during reionization and the resolved characteristics of the galaxies driving this epoch. The current phase of the project incorporates zoom-in resimulations of individual galaxies with a multi-phase interstellar medium (ISM) and local stellar feedback, enabling more self-consistent emission and absorption line predictions well-suited for interpreting observational data. In this context I will highlight enhancements to the Cosmic Lyman-alpha Transfer (COLT) radiative transfer code for modeling metal ionization and corresponding spectral lines. I will also discuss innovative approaches addressing resolution challenges in cosmological simulations, such as sub-grid and super-resolution techniques. Looking forward, I will touch upon the exciting prospects of next-generation simulation frameworks, informed by JWST observations, which promise to further deepen our understanding of the early universe.