The Milky Way’s feeding habits shine a light on dark matter

Pasadena CA—A new map of a dozen associations of moving stars—called stellar streams—orbiting within the Milky Way’s halo has brought astronomers one step closer to revealing the properties of the dark matter enveloping our galaxy and shaping the universe

Remote observing at Mount Wilson

Normally, toward the end of the semester, Glendale Community College Professor Jenny Krestow would be taking her astronomy students to Mount Wilson Observatory for a session with the historic 60-inch telescope. Unfortunately, the pandemic and Bobcat fire made that impossible. So instead, on the...

Discovered: the most distant known quasar with a bright radio emission

Pasadena, CA— The Magellan Baade telescope at Carnegie’s Las Campanas Observatory played an important role in the discovery of the most-distant known quasar with a bright radio emission, which was announced by a Max Planck Institute for Astronomy in Heide